Dr. Monica Monty attended medical school and dental school, and graduated in 1989 with a DMD degree in dentistry (The Institute for Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napocca). The research for her graduation thesis focused on adhesive materials and techniques used in the fixed partial restoration of small edentulous spaces.
Dr. Monty moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1993 and received her National Board Certification in 1996.
Since 1997 Dr. Monty has enjoyed her part time teaching position at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of British Columbia.
In 1999 Dr. Monica Monty took over the private dental practice of Dr. Jack Hornibrook in the Vancouver Block, a heritage landmark located at Granville and Georgia – the core of downtown Vancouver, and established herself later in the new and beautiful Coal Harbour neighbourhood. The new location of the practice, on the lower level of the award winning Escala building, enjoys the direct access from the Coal Harbour seawall, with its magnificent views and fresh ocean air.
By 2014, giving increasing thought to “the road not taken”, Dr. Monty enthusiastically directed her focus towards a way to work that helps her be closer to nature. British Columbia offers a breathtaking landscape. Being born and raised close to the mountains, finding them on a different continent and in much larger format 360 degrees around, was fortunate.

In today’s day, when necessity pushes companies to amalgamate in larger conglomerates, a solo practice appears to gradually become a nostalgic thing of the past.
Nevertheless, I have taken a leap of faith.  I believe in the warm ambiance of a small working place, where people know each other well, work well with each other, feel empowered and have a strong sense of ownership.
I believe that trust is earned.
I believe in integrity.
I believe in constant learning and betterment. I believe that one can genuinely stay focused and in love with one’s work for the entire life, if one does not forget to stay young: if one can keep alive inside a little bit of the innocent curiosity and enthusiasm of a child.
If you don’t have family or a friend who can recommend someone to you, I hope that whatever your choice for a dentist, a physician, or any other health care provider is, it is so for the right reason.” (Dr. Monica Monty)

Dental Society Memberships and Qualifications:
College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia
Association of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia
Canadian Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry
American Dental Education Association
American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Continuing Education:
Dr. Monica Monty’s special interests in oral & maxillofacial surgery and endodontics, as well as certain aspects of restorative dentistry, are reflective of her medical training. They are also expressed in the membership with several study clubs. The study clubs do not consist of isolated courses, but they continue over the duration of a school year or more.
Oral and Maxillofacial Study Club; mentor Dr. Tony David
The Endodontic Learning Center; mentor Dr. Hugh Maguire
Advanced Prosthodontics for the General Practitioner; mentor Dr. Chris Wyatt
Emerging Trends in Periodontics; mentor Dr. Jim Grisdale
Oral Appliances for the Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea; mentor Dr. Alan A. Lowe
Contemporary Implant Dentistry; mentors Dr. Alec Cheng, Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore, Dr. Ira Paul Sy
Basic Orthodontics; mentor Dr. Paul Witt
The Vancouver Study Club, affiliate with the well-renowned Seattle Study Club; mentors are a team of Royal College Accredited practitioners, representing the following specialties: periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, radiology.
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ( ACLS) provider
Implants – Zimmer Biomet Institute Seminar on Full arch Restorations of the Edentulous  Patient
and more
“The Complete Clinician: Comprehensive Treatment Planning & Surgical Placement of Implants via Computer Guided Technology”

The total number of continuing education courses attended extends far beyond the licencing requirements. Dr. Monty makes every effort in keeping current with advances in the dental field.

Interests and passions outside dentistry:
Art courses at Emily Carr Institute ”Early in life my talent in the visual arts earned me an invitation to study full time at the art school. Unfortunately -or fortunately, my parents believed very strongly in science and less in arts. I find my career choice in dentistry a happy marriage betweeen visual arts and science, and today I could not be happier for this tremendous opportunity, a smile at a time, in the art and science of dentistry.
Languages: English, Spanish, Rumanian, German, Italian
Active life : “I love skiing and skating, I enjoy very much biking or rollerblading along the seawall. I love to dance. Argentine tango continues to bring me a lot of joy. I also absolutely love my ballet classes, which I attend as time permits.”